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Here at Dipstick HQ, we LOVE our planet (kisses to you always Mother Earth). We limit our plastic use as much as possible by shipping in cardboard boxes, or in our biodegradeable mailer bags (which is made of plant startch!) as well as wrapping products carefully in tissue instead of plastic. We use Biodegradable washi tape over plastic tape. We also use confetti in our orders to make it extra EXCITING, which is also totally biodegradable!
You will find we also have our reworked selection of clothing, which is where we save clothing that otherwise could be on its way to a landfill. We then jazz it back up with a bit of Dipstick Flare and fix any imperfections a garment may have. 
All custom items are made using our own printed fabric, made and produced in London. No matter what the product it is, you can be fully assured that everyone who helped create the item has been paid fully and fairly. All our custom clothing is sewn together in house.

Right now, Dipstick is run by one bean (Yes, that’s me, Ellie!).